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Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma's Cottage

Thrown to the Wind Teacher Paperback Bundle

Thrown to the Wind Teacher Paperback Bundle

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Save 15% when purchasing Thrown to the Wind together with its accompanying Teacher Resource.

This series follows the life of several young people as they emigrate to and struggle to survive in early colonial America in the mid-sixteenth century. As these young people try to navigate stormy seas, outwit treacherous men, and survive devastating wars, they will learn the value of compassion, trust, forgiveness, and friendship. They provide multiple perspectives of historical events from the points of view of the people who lived them.

Based on a true story. In the award-winning novel, Thrown to the Wind, nine-year-old Etienne flees 1660 France with his family to avoid arrest for religious heresy. They face robbers, pirates, two perilous sea voyages, and an uncertain future to chart a new destiny.

The Teacher Resource for Thrown to the Wind is designed to accompany the true historical adventure novel Thrown to the Wind, teaches 9-12-year-old students higher order thinking skills as they learn about the 17th century religious wars and colonial American immigration through discussion questions, supplementary primary and secondary source readings, engaging cross-curricular activities, and projects.

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Meet the Author

Betty Cetas enjoys traveling and has visited many places around the world. She especially loves the log cottage she bought in the remote woods of Finland, where she spent summers with her family and friends, telling fanciful stories of a provincial troll, a shy moose, and an impish fish. She and her husband, and their little dog, Jesse, live most of the year in Tucson, AZ and summer in the woods of northern AZ.