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Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma's Cottage

A Home in the Wilderness, Paperback

A Home in the Wilderness, Paperback

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It is June 10, 1663 and Etienne is running through a field of wild pasture, startling a flock of grouse into the air amid a frenzy of feathers and squawking, as he heads toward a double wedding in town. He has no idea that the ceremony will be interrupted with the news of a Native American attack on the Dutch settlement up north, the consequences of which will turn his world upside down threatening his family, community, and Lenape friends. He must choose – protect his new friends or defend his community. Both choices demand great sacrifice and risk the lives of those he loves.

“The author’s historical research is admirably rigorous in her meticulous presentation of the inflammatory hostility that existed between settlers and Native peoples in the mid-17th century.” – Kirkus Reviews

"Compelling, respectful novel of 17th century Native Americans and Dutch settlers." - BookLife Reviews

My excitement increased with each page I read because the amount of action and raw emotions drew me into the story.” – Readers’ Favorite Review

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Meet the Author

Betty Cetas enjoys traveling and has visited many places around the world. She especially loves the log cottage she bought in the remote woods of Finland, where she spent summers with her family and friends, telling fanciful stories of a provincial troll, a shy moose, and an impish fish. She and her husband, and their little dog, Jesse, live most of the year in Tucson, AZ and summer in the woods of northern AZ.