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  • Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell

    “The author successfully builds momentum and invites reader participation through an increasingly long list of odor-related adjectives ... The silliness is skillfully crafted …” -- Kirkus Reviews (2022)


    “Young children love silly stories, and the funnier, dirtier, smellier, and more gruesome the better! They will love this story and fall in love with the adorable (but rather smelly) Oscar.

    Star rating: 5 Stars” Readers’ Choice Book Awards (2023)


    “A colourfully illustrated picturebook full of twists, turns – and a very nasty smell!” - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards (2024)

  • Oscar and Otto

    “The two wily characters, well depicted in both Cetas’ prose and Kose’s gentle cartoon illustrations, will have readers delighted that neither loses in the end.” – Kirkus Reviews (2022)


     “A cleverly plotted ‘battle of wills’ story between a trickster fish and a very determined troll.” – The Wishing Shelf (2023)


    “The book demonstrates the importance of friendship, kindness, and supporting others when they are in need. Young children will enjoy the fun scenes of Oscar repeatedly falling in the lake and will root for the fish as he evades the troll’s capture. Star Rating: 5 Stars” – Readers’ Choice Book Awards (2023)

  • Oscar and the Noisy Children

    Oscar and the Noisy Children is an adventure gone wrong that ends happily and sets a positive example for young readers. – BlueInk Review (2023)


    An appealing story of a woodland resident with a big heart. – Kirkus Review (2023)


    The book emphasizes teamwork and how people’s different abilities can be helpful. – Foreword Reviews (2023)

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