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Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma's Cottage

Troll Tales Three Book Set

Troll Tales Three Book Set

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Nestled in the magical woods of Finland, on the edge of a large clear lake, a grandmother rocks back and forth in her antique rocking chair surrounded by her five clever grandchildren to tell them stories about the fantastical trolls and other amazing animals that lived nearby. These stories, told with humor and whimsy, will delight children everywhere.

Like a fresh onion, Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell will bring tears to your eyes as you laugh your way through Oscar’s show and smell adventure.

In Oscar and Otto, Oscar makes a big splash when a newcomer moves in from across the pond. Find out if he sinks or swims as he tries to trap a tricky trout!

In Oscar and the Noisy Children, five children crash through Oscar’s quiet woods. But when one of them splats into a sticky situation, Oscar must decide whether to stay silent or sound the alarm.

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Meet the Author

Betty Cetas enjoys traveling and has visited many places around the world. She especially loves the log cottage she bought in the remote woods of Finland, where she spent summers with her family and friends, telling fanciful stories of a provincial troll, a shy moose, and an impish fish. She and her husband, and their little dog, Jesse, live most of the year in Tucson, AZ and summer in the woods of northern AZ.