Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma's Cottage, by Betty Cetas, is a humorous children's picture book series that engages and teaches life lessons aimed at children ages 4 - 7.

  • Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell
  • Oscar and Otto
  • Oscar and the Noisy Children
  • Moe the Fearful Moose (forthcoming)

A Country for Castoffs, Amanda M. Cetas, is a historical adventure series, based on the true story of the author's ancestors who immigrated from Europe to the North American colonies in the late 17th century. It is aimed at middle grade and young adults and teaches about the history of the period through the eyes of those who lived it.

While the books can be read independently, it is best read in order.

  1. Thrown to the Wind
  2. A Home in the Wilderness
  3. At the Mercy of the Sea
  4. Charting a New Course (forthcoming)