About Us

"Story is what makes us human … Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience reveal that our brains are hardwired to respond to story … we’re wired to turn to story to teach us the way of the world."

Lisa Cron, Wired for Story, 2012

Mission Statement

Windy Sea Publishing, LLC partners with authors to engage, entertain, enlighten, and empower readers – young and old – with character-driven stories of adventure, survival, mystery, enchantment, cozy romance, and historical fiction.

Background and Vision

Coming from a diverse background grounded in business, education, and liberal arts, we understand the importance of story. Stories are essential to who we are as human beings. They are the foundation of learning, creativity, imagination, understanding, empathy, and growth. 

Consequently, we strive to provide great stories that will enrich our readers, our community, and the world. To that end, we partner with authors who may have unique stories to tell: those that fit into small niche sub-genres, combine differing sub-genres into a new cohesive concept, or test new ideas or tropes.